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LEGO: Pirates - Shipwreck Defense - 70409

Enjoy swashbuckling adventures with the LEGO® Pirates Shipwreck Defense, featuring a pirate hideout, spring-loaded cannon and 2 minifigures.
€ 9,83

LEGO: Pirates - Soldiers Fort - 70412

Join the action at the LEGO® Pirates Soldiers Fort featuring a prison cell with breakout function, winch, cannon, rowboat and 5 minifigures.
€ 32,97
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LEGO: Pirates - Soldiers Outpost - 70410

Have fun with the LEGO® Pirates Soldiers Outpost with pirate’s raft, spring-loaded cannon, octopus, thieving crab, 3 minifigures and more.
€ 20,57
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LEGO: Pirates - The Brick Bounty - 70413

Sail the LEGO® Pirates The Brick Bounty, with tall masts, huge sails, rigging, winch, cannons, walk-the-plank function and 7 minifigures.
€ 107,35
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LEGO: Pirates - Treasure Island - 70411

Discover the secrets of LEGO® Pirates Treasure Island with opening skull gate, cannon, rowboat, treasure chest, crocodile and 3 minifigures.
€ 24,71
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LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean - Aqua de Vida - 4192

Barbossa, Blackbeard and Jack Sparrow are battling it out for the fabled spring that gives the gift of eternal life. As they clash cutlasses, can Captain Jack tiptoe past them and make it to the fountain first?
€ 57,76
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LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean - Queen Anne's Revenge - 4195

From the captain’s quarters perched high on his magnificent ship, Blackbeard secretly looks on as Captain Jack Sparrow and the motley crew attempt mutiny against Angelica and the zombies. Will our heroes be able to take control of the ship before Blackbeard reveals himself?
€ 537,10
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LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean - The Black Pearl - 4184

Battle Davy Jones and his crew aboard The Black Pearl!
€ 619,75
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LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean - The Cannibal Escape - 4182

Ruuuun! Captain Jack Sparrow and Will Turner have escaped from the cannibal village and are being chased by their hungry foes. Can they reach the safety of the Black Pearl before their guests really do have them for dinner? Set includes roasting spit, bone cage, chief’s chair and cannibal hut.
€ 66,03
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LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean - The London Escape - 4193

Captain Jack Sparrow and Joshamee Gibbs escape the hangman’s noose only to be captured again by King George’s soldiers. Can Jack escape through the busy streets of London and find refuge at the Captain’s Daughter?
€ 90,82
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LEGO: Pirates of the Caribbean - The Mill - 4183

At the mill, Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Admiral Norrington duel it out for the key to the Dead Man’s Chest. Suddenly the mill wheel shakes loose with them inside! Can they manage to stay upright and still stop the evil Flying Dutchman Pirate Hadras from scuttling away with the prize?
€ 82,56
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Mega Bloks: Assassin's Creed - Cannon Strike - 94303

Cannons were highly damaging and effective projectile weapons first used in medieval times. Soldiers used the cannons in fields of battle by rolling them into forts and barricades to bolster firepower. Build your own Cannon Strike by Mega Bloks Assassin’s Creed and go into battle with cannons blazing. Construct a cart using two wheels and strategically pivot and aim your cannon towards the enemy. Load the ammunition, pull back the working launcher and unleash your attack.
€ 10,33

Mega Bloks: Assassin's Creed - Fortress Attack - 94319

Fortresses were built by militaries as border controls, creating a vantage point to spot invading battalions from land or sea. The fortified city of Monteriggioni in Tuscany, Italy, was the site of a major confrontation between Assassins and the Templar enemy. With stone walls and imposing height, the fortresses were defended by skilled Assassins. Now you can build your own Fortress Attack by Mega Bloks Assassin’s Creed and ward off the enemy attackers. The tower features climbing poles, secure hiding spots and ledges from which to take a Leap of Faith. It also has a cable lift – attach your Assassin to the cable, then drop the stone weights to hoist him up to the top and take your battle to the next level.
€ 24,75
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Mega Bloks: Assassin's Creed - Gunboat Takeover - 94308

The Gunboat was an agile vessel – lightly manned and armed, responsive and easily maneuverable. The ship was used for rapid fire and speed; however, it’s lack of protection made it vulnerable to attack and takeover. Now you can build a Gunboat Takeover by Mega Bloks Assassin’s Creed and charge the mighty warship. The Gunboat features real cables and canvas sails and a detailed hull for an authentic battle setting. Plan your attack on the high seas with one Assassin micro action figure and three enemy micro action figures customizable with battle-ready weaponry. Take over the boat and choose your allegiance by raising the real cloth pirate or Spanish flag.
€ 41,28
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PLAYMOBIL: Keychain - Pirate Keyring - 6658

PLAYMOBIL keychain to collect or to give as a gift ... So is your favorite character or animal always close to you!
€ 2,88