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LEGO: Technic - 24 Hours Race Car - 42039

The LEGO® Technic 24 Hours Race Car features opening gull-wing doors and engine hood, V8 engine with moving pistons and all-round suspension.
€ 109,99
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LEGO: Technic - Arctic Truck - 42038

The awesome LEGO® Technic Arctic Truck features huge crawler tracks, sophisticated suspension and a working crane with winch hook and cargo.
€ 76,49
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LEGO: Technic - Black Champion Racer - 42026

This Black Champion Racer has a pull-back motor that will catapult it into life and cool orange and black bodywork that is made to go fast!
€ 17,99

LEGO: Technic - Bulldozer - 42028

This heavy-duty 2-in-1 LEGO® Technic Bulldozer features wide, moving tracks, massive blade, and a detailed engine with moving pistons.
€ 34,99
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LEGO: Technic - Cargo Plane - 42025

Build the LEGO® Technic Cargo Plane with movable control surfaces and Power Functions cargo bays, landing gear and spinning propellers.
€ 119,99
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LEGO: Technic - Cherry Picker - 42031

This robust, realistic 2-in-1 LEGO® Technic Cherry Picker has a working boom with basket, warning beacons and a detailed lifting mechanism.
€ 9,90

LEGO: Technic - Compact Tracked Loader - 42032

The sturdy LEGO® Technic Compact Track Loader has a versatile boom mechanism with huge bucket and grabber, and large rugged crawler tracks.
€ 12,99

LEGO: Technic - Construction Crew - 42023

A Digger, an Earthmover and Excavator make up this LEGO® Technic Multiset to help shake the ground under your feet!
€ 64,99
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LEGO: Technic - Container Truck - 42024

Rough, tough and rugged, the LEGO® Technic Container Truck has lots of power in the lifting arms to lever its massive load into position.
€ 69,99
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LEGO: Technic - Customized Pick up Truck - 42029

Go off-road with the 2-in-1 Customized Pick Up Truck, featuring huge wheels, sturdy grill guard, working winch and independent suspension.
€ 89,99
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LEGO: Technic - Desert Racer - 42027

Strap into the LEGO® Technic Desert Racer for a building challenge and racing fun with chunky tires and a pull-back motor.
€ 17,99
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LEGO: Technic - Flatbed Truck - 8109

When it’s time to transport a vehicle, the super flatbed truck is the perfect choice! Steer it into place, use Power Functions to raise or lower the motorized flatbed to load a vehicle onto the truck with the winch. Or use the Power Function to extend the wheel lift to tow another vehicle. Rebuilds into a smart airport catering truck.
€ 294,90
Get  € 14  Bonus

LEGO: Technic - Formula Off-Roader - 42037

The robust LEGO® Technic Formula Off-Roader has working steering, hinged cab cage, huge tires and a detailed engine with moving pistons.
€ 48,99
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LEGO: Technic - Hot Rod - 42022

Build the LEGO® Technic Hot Rod with detailed V6 engine, folding roof, 4 chunky tires and skull-and-flame details that will turn heads.
€ 29,99
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LEGO: Technic - Jet Plane - 9394

Red jet with swing-wings and retractable landing gear.
€ 74,90
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