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Mega Bloks: Barbie - Ballerina Teresa® Doll - 80266

Ballerina Teresa® is dressed in a ballet tutu and is all ready for her big recital! As the lights dim and the show begins, Teresa® dazzles with a beautiful flower blossom at the center of her ballet leotard.
€ 2,05

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Beach House - 80226

It’s time for Beach Fun Barbie® to take a super fun vacation at the Mega Bloks Barbie® Build ‘n Style Beach House! Let the beach party begin! Turn up the music and Beach Fun Barbie® and Nikki® dolls really spin on the whirl-and-twirl dance floor! There’s even a hot tub that can really hold water! Show your summer style and fun at this fabulous beach house!
€ 20,65
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Mega Bloks: Barbie - Beach Vacation - 80111

Get ready for a fun-filled day at the beach with the Mega Bloks Barbie™ Beach Vacation. Your Barbie™ mini fashion figure and her sun-sational friends love to lounge poolside with their playful pups by their side. With over 30 pieces, dive right in and use your own unique fashion-savvy to assemble the best beach wardrobes for your Barbie™, Teresa™ and Nikki™ mini fashion figures. Let the girls swap skirts, trendy hats and darling hair accessories for endless beach looks.
€ 7,42

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Build ‘n Play Chelsea™ Pool Party - 80136

It’s a sun and fun celebration and you’re invited to the Build ‘n Play Chelsea™ Pool Party by Mega Bloks Barbie™! Build the perfect sunny summer day and go for a swim with the included pool floatie! Chelsea™ mini fashion figure can slide into the buildable pool that really holds water or enjoy dipping in the bubbly hot tub. When you’re done swimming, turn up the tunes on the stereo or grill up some treats on the BBQ. Before the party is over, Chelsea™ mini fashion figure can scoop up some yummy sundaes in the cool ice cream station while her two puppies enjoy their bone treat!
€ 16,52

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Build ’n Play Ballet Studio - 80292

Barbie® has a big recital only a few days away and she’ll need your help to practice in her Mega Bloks Barbie® Build ’n Play Ballet Studio. Build and decorate her Ballet Studio any way you want, then help Barbie® put on her make-up in front of the vanity mirror, choose her ballerina style between two beautiful tutus, then put on the finishing touches with her glamtastic princess tiara! Stand her on the ballet spinner at center stage and turn her round and round just like a real ballerina! With your help, Barbie® is sure to put on a ballet recital nobody will ever forget!
Combine your Ballet Studio with other Mega Bloks Barbie sets to build the Barbie world you imagine!
€ 14,04

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Build ’n Play Beach Day - 80287

Barbie® puts on her swimsuit and gets ready to catch some sand, sun, wind and waves with the Mega Bloks Barbie Build ’n Play Beach Day. Build and decorate her Beach Day adventure any way you want, and join in the beach fun with Barbie® as she jumps on her windsurfing board, grabs hold of her sparkling sail and rides the biggest waves in the water while all of her friends cheer her on. Drying off in the sun can be just as fun, as a day at the Beach just wouldn’t be complete without Barbie® catching some rays on her fancy beach lounger underneath a very elegant umbrella.
Combine your Beach Day set with other Mega Bloks Barbie sets to build the Barbie world you imagine!
€ 6,60

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Build ’n Play Beauty Kiosk - 80279

Barbie® reveals her beauty hints and make-up tricks that make her a hit at all the hottest parties with the Mega Bloks Barbie® Build ’n Play Beauty Kiosk. Build and decorate the Beauty Kiosk any way you want, surrounding Barbie® with all kinds of eye-catching cosmetics. Have her friends sit in the pretty make-up chair, and let them watch Barbie® work her magic touch in the glittering vanity mirror. Help her find the perfectly personalized cosmetic combination with lipsticks, blush, brushes and more! Design hot new looks that will get all of the cameras flashing! Combine your Beauty Kiosk with other Mega Bloks Barbie sets to build the Barbie world you imagine!
€ 7,42

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Build ’n Play Fab Park - 80286

It’s a play-all-day doggy date with Barbie and her cute puppy at the Mega Bloks Barbie® Build ’n Play Fab Park. Follow Barbie® as she puts on her helmet, jumps on her bike and heads to the park. Build and decorate the Fab Park any way you want, then have all kinds of outdoor fun with Barbie® and her puppy. Toss the ball to play fetch, sit on the swing and reach for the treetops, or push Barbie® and her puppy on her glam city cruiser. Take a quick snuggle break on the bench, smell the pretty park flowers, or have a drink from the water fountain that even has a special faucet for a little dog bowl.
Combine your Fab Park with other Mega Bloks Barbie sets to build the Barbie world you imagine!
€ 6,60

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Build ’n Play Glam Cabin - 80291

Barbie® heads out to the woods to camp out in style with the Mega Bloks Barbie® Build ’n Play Glam Cabin. Whether enjoying her time with forest friends in the daytime, or sitting next to the fire at night, Barbie® can enjoy the outdoors in a small chalet built and decorated any way you want. Create the fire pit and start a roaring fire where Barbie can in her lounge chair and enjoy roasting marshmallows. Open the roof to play inside the cabin and relax in the posh cabin in her orange sleeping bag with her teddy bear to keep the good dreams coming. Wake up to the sound of her early bird friends and get Barbie ready for a fun forest hike in the sparkling outdoor bath and shower.
€ 14,04

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Build ’n Play Luxe Camper - 80293

Barbie® and her little sister Chelsea® head out on a coast to coast, fun-filled road trip in the Mega Bloks Barbie® Build ’n Play Luxe Camper. Build and decorate the sparkling pink camper any way you want as Barbie® and Chelsea® visit all of their favorite attractions and hottest stores. Now it’s time to unwind and take a dip in the hot tub before setting up the picnic table for a tasty treat. Later, Barbie® builds a fire and lazes around on a lounge chair, while Chelsea® heads out for a quick scooter ride. Glamping has never been more relaxing!
€ 24,78
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Mega Bloks: Barbie - Casual Barbie® - 80264

Casual Barbie® always looks her best, even when she’s out running a few errands or hanging out with her friends. Her pink skirt and violet coat look so pretty together, and with her classic hairstyle Barbie® looks like she’s ready for any occasion.
€ 2,05

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Convertible - 80223

Rev up the style! On the Go Barbie® zooms around in her ultra-glam Mega Bloks Build ‘n Style Convertible! This pretty, pink car has doors and a trunk that really open! You can also swap out the rims for sparkling spinners that show off your Barbie® style! The convertible has more than enough room for On the Go Barbie® and all her fab fashion finds. Zoom down the fast lane right into her buildable pink carport!
€ 9,90

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Fall Fashion Barbie® - 80261

Fall Fashion Barbie® has the most fab fall style and can’t wait to show it off to her friends! Her high pony tail blows playfully in the autumn wind while she looks absolutely stunning in her pink skirt, blue and white blouse, teal leggings and black boots.
€ 2,05

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Fashion Boutique - 80225

When it comes to the latest fashion finds, Boutique Barbie® and her friends always shop at the trendy Mega Bloks Barbie® Build ‘n Style Fashion Boutique! This build-it-your-way boutique is filled with cutest fashions and accessories ever. Have fun styling Barbie® and her friends and having them model in a mini fashion show! Ring up their purchases at the cash register and box them up with a pretty pink ribbon.
€ 14,04

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Fashion Stand - 80211

Fab Fashion Barbie® has a favorite little spot where she shops for the latest fashion trends. The Mega Bloks Barbie® Build ‘n Style Fashion Stand has the cutest outfits, hats and accessories. Even their shopping bags rock! Help Barbie® find the perfect dream outfit for her next big party!
€ 6,60

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Glam Evening - 80110

Lights! Camera! Fashion! Get ready for a night of fun and excitement with the Mega Bloks Barbie™ Glam Evening! Mix and match the hottest fashions for your Barbie™ mini fashion figure and her friends, as their cuddly kittens lounge nearby. Use the hottest bling to accessorize and discover endless hours of stylish fun.
€ 7,42

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Ice Cream Cart - 80212

One scoop or two? Line up for the coolest treats in town at the Mega Bloks Barbie® Build ‘n Style Ice Cream Cart! This buildable, glittery confection cart is just the thing Sweet Scoops Barbie® and her friends need to keep their cool on a hot summer day! Comes with cones, sundae cups, and lots of ice cream!
€ 6,60

Mega Bloks: Barbie - On-the-Go Nikki® - 80265

On-the-Go Nikki® is ready to ride around town in style. Her purple leggings under her lavender skirt and teal jacket outfit makes up a cute riding ensemble. “With purple leggings, lavender skirt and teal jacket, this fashion-savvy girl is ready for any adventure!
€ 2,05

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Party Time Barbie - 80207

Party Time Barbie® is throwing a big birthday celebration and you’re invited! Choose her party look, gather the presents and make the perfect birthday cake! The Party Time Barbie® Accessory Pack has everything you need to create exciting parties for Barbie® and her friends.
€ 4,12

Mega Bloks: Barbie - Pet Shop - 80224

Pretty Pets Barbie® loves to bring her furry friends to the Mega Bloks Barbie® Build ‘n Style Pet Shop for a “pet-icure”. Treat each pet to a shampoo followed by stylish grooming make-over. Show off the pets’ tail-wagging looks in the moving pet shop window seat!
€ 14,04